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Oh, why couln’t it have been Baghdad?

Posted by gnn1 on Monday, 6 August 2007

So apparently the Spice Girls let their fans decide where they were going to perform ‘an extra special show’.

The top cities were Toronto (the winner), Baghdad, Chicago, and Rio de Janeiro.

I have nothing against them as a group really.  I even have a CD and two live performance DVDs (that I did not pay for).  There song Mama moves me to tears every time I hear it because I was close to my mother, may she rest in peace, but I gave her a very hard time growing up.

But I was totally against a reunion!  Unlike the Backstreet Boys (who I like very much) they didn’t do that well the first time around.  And frankly, I’m ‘Poshed-out’.  And come on, when baby spice is preggers, maybe a reunion isn’t so hot.  Or maybe the fact that they will have a therapist on the road with them because they can’t stand each other!  (Totally not making that up).


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