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Sebastian said Knock You Out!!!

Posted by gnn1 on Friday, 31 August 2007

Awww dayum! If you didn’t catch Celebrity Rap Superstar you missed a kickass rockin performance by Sebastian Bach! Rock and roll became rock and rap tonight baby! Each celebrity is paired up with a pro rapper, and given a song to perform, NOT of their choice. They work with their mentor and prepare for a live performance in front of 3 judges (DMC of Run DMC, da Brat, and someone from hip hop radio whose name escapes me right now-I’ll update later when I catch a repeat Big Boy, from Power 106 in LA) and a studio audience.

Now, it’s clear when they selected the celebs that talent was not a factor. Because some of these people really fuckin sucked. Colin Farrell look-alike Jason Wahler and Efren Ramirez (Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite) were absolute worst, and I expect one of them will be singin Hit the Road Jack next week. (Or, no votes for Pedro this time, and Jason is headed for the Hills…).

My man Perez kicked ass and owned it baby! Shar Jackson proved that at least SHE can rap (she’s Kevin Federline’s other baby momma), so there is some hope for those kids. Countess Vaughan performed what has got to be the gayest song I have EVER heard in my life (Lipgloss by L’il Momma), but kicked ass! There was a Playboy bunny, whose name once again escapes me Kendra Wilkinson. Totally gorgeous, got kickass moves, but can NOT rap. Jamal Anderson from the Atlanta Falcons did so-so. Forgot lyrics so he freestyled, not too badly, but he really wasn’t impressive. The absolute best was Sebastian Bach though! If he keeps on the way he did tonight, he will come out the winner. (Total off-topic side note, his brother, Zack, played goal-keeper for my local pro hockey team, so Bach-not his real last name-was here a couple times-pretty cool!).

There are plenty of reruns on MTV, you should totally check it out. Even if you don’t care for rap or hip hop (I don’t), it’s worth it.

PS: How many times you think Kevin will say I heard that next week?


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