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Shar Shady Baby!

Posted by gnn1 on Saturday, 8 September 2007

When Shar Jackson said she was doing ‘My Name Is’ by Eminem, I groaned.  #1, I’m not a big Eminem fan (though I love Mockingbird) and #2, I saw her choking.  Not only did she not choke, man, she was DOPE!

Sebastian Bach performed a remix of Tupac’s California Love.  He rocked the song, but he wasn’t as good as last week.  There wasn’t enough of a beat to make it rap, which unfortunately is what the contestants need to do.

Perez Hilton did Jesus Walks by Kanye.  Now, My man Perez was still great, but not as good as last week.  Or maybe, he was only as good as last week.  Performances should be kicked up a bit, and this wasn’t although I definitely enjoyed it!

Countess Vaughn nailed Mims’ That’s Why I’m Hot!  She owned the song, she owned the STAGE!  If they have judges pick ‘safes’ again, she’ll be safe for sure.

Kendra Wilkinson did Me Myself and I by De la Soul.  She’s got the moves, but I’m sorry (well, no, not really sorry), girl just can’t rap!

Jason Wahler…he can only be in because he looks like Colin Farrell.  For real.  When people say white men can’t rap and white men can’t dance, they got him in mind.  He did Goin Back to Cali, by LL Cool J.  He actually remembered the words, but his ‘moves’ if you can call them that, are a joke.

And finally Efren…he performed Cyprus Hill’s Insane in the Membrane.  I used to like this song.  Now it’s going to be like She Bangs after William Hung murdered it.  All I can say is, if you vote for Efren, you’re insane!


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