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‘If mothers ruled the world [bleep]’

Posted by gnn1 on Monday, 17 September 2007

Yes that’s an actual sentence.  If you were among the 14 people who watched the Emmy’s then you are aware of that.

Fox–known for being rather right wing (believe it or not)–censored Sally Field’s acceptance speech for Best Actress in a Drama Series.

For those who are curious the sentence is ‘If mothers ruled the world, there wouldn’t be any god-damned wars in the first place.’

Now for those who may start screaming Freedom of Speech, let me give a (very) brief Constitutional Law lesson.

Congress shall make no laws abridging freedom of speech.  It is now accepted to be ‘government’ (any level) not merely Congress.  TV networks can bleep whatever they want.

I still think it’s bullshit though.  Let a person speak her mind, folks!


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