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Sorry but you can’t stay, your son’s too much of a burden

Posted by gnn1 on Saturday, 1 November 2008

Australia is full of controversial moves in terms of visas and citizenship applications, so this shouldn’t be a huge surprise, but I think that it’s more disturbing than most.

The Aussie government rejected the request for permanent residence filed by a German doctor, Bernhard Moeller, for himself and his family because his son has Down’s Syndrome.

According to the government, the boy, Lukas, “would pose a burden on taxpayers for his medical care, education and other services.”  Currently, he “attends a mainstream elementary school, where he has an aide, and receives speech therapy.”  Yet he also “plays soccer, cricket, golf and table tennis.” so he isn’t THAT low functioning.

Dr Moeller has said “we are absolutely able to support him, and I don’t want him to rely on any government pension anyway. He’s well looked after. And actually, he can contribute to the community here. He already is contributing to it.” (He didn’t specify how Lukas is contributing).

The doctor was recruited to fill a critically needed internal medicine position (he is currently the only internist in a community of 54,000).

Dr Moeller plans to file appeals.



2 Responses to “Sorry but you can’t stay, your son’s too much of a burden”

  1. VS.Rajkovic said

    I have read the article. I do not agree it is about Down´s syndrom at all. Doctore is capable to take care of the boy by financial means up to boy´s death. Other things shake up Australia. I do suggest to dr. reading of this list he is free to contact me if he needs more:
    Peter Baume, Liberal cabinet minister, chancellor of the Australian National University
    Moss Cass, Labor cabinet minister
    Barry Cohen, Labor cabinet minister
    Ian Cohen, NSW Greens politician
    Sir Zelman Cowen, Governor General (1977-1982)
    Michael Danby, Labor member of the Australian House of Representatives
    Marcus Einfeld, Federal Court judge & human rights activist
    Sydney Einfeld, NSW Minister for Consumer Affairs (1976-1981) & Refugee Advocate
    Vida Goldstein, an early feminist reformer and politician
    Martin Indyk, Former American ambassador to Israel
    Sir Isaac Isaacs, Governor General (1931-1936)
    Dr John Kaye, NSW Greens politician
    Sir John Monash, World War I general and engineer.
    Sir Albert Wolff, Chief Justice of Western Australia.
    Eric Roozendaal, NSW Labor cabinet minister
    Elias Solomon, was a Jewish member of Federal Parliament
    James Wolfensohn, World Bank president
    Joe Berinson, Member of Federal Parliament, Minister in Whitlam’s third Cabinet, State Upper house member, State Labor cabinet minister and Attorney General of Western Australia

  2. VS.Rajkovic said

    I have found something which can help when you comeback to Germany:
    “Her(Judith Scott) special creativity was quickly recognised, and she was given complete freedom to choose her own materials. Taking found objects (often stealing them from other people at the Center) she would wrap them in carefully selected colored yarns to create diverse sculptures in many different shapes. Some resemble cocoons or body parts, while others are elongated totemic poles. Many of her works also feature pairs; Scott’s experience as a twin is essential to her work.

    Scott’s work has become immensely popular in the world of outsider art, and her pieces have been acquired by several museum for their permanent collections. Her pieces now sell for $15,000 or more at auction.”
    Good luck and never give up on him

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