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Archive for the ‘celeb arrests’ Category

Who’s the Biggest Loser here?

Posted by gnn1 on Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Anthony Badalamenti has been arrested and charged with second-degree assault, possession of a dangerous weapon and endangering the welfare of a child.  The trainer featured on The Biggest Loser has allegedly been beating his girlfriend’s 6 year old boy (she was also arrested).

The landlord, who lived below the family called the police, saying he heard the child’s cries for nearly a month.

He had considered it a private matter until Friday evening when once again he heard the child’s screams:  “The child was pleading for mercy. I said, ‘That’s it, I can’t take it anymore.’ “


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It’s all the fans’ fault-Kiefer

Posted by gnn1 on Monday, 5 November 2007

Yeah, another celeb who can’t take responsibility for his actions.

Kiefer Sutherland is blaming his (soon to be former?) fans for his recent DUI conviction.

See, it’s all their faults because they took pix of him stumbling to his car–which then appeared online and could have been used as evidence in court.

So now he won’t sign autographs.

Big loss…

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Foxy Brown Sentenced

Posted by gnn1 on Friday, 7 September 2007

A judge has sentenced Foxy Brown to a year in jail for violating probation.  She was sent back to her Rikers Island jail cell, where she has spent the past two weeks, TMZ reports.


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Bad Jude!

Posted by gnn1 on Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Hot actor Jude Law was arrested in London for allegedly attacking a photographer.  ShowBuzz reports that Jude tried to grab a photog’s camera.

He went willingly for questioning, and must report back to police in October after being released on bail.

Source: Showbuzz

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It wouldn’t be a complete day without a post about…

Posted by gnn1 on Saturday, 1 September 2007


No, no, no, and no… I wish…

Andy.  Yes the Dick is in the blog again.  Perez Hilton is reporting that the Dick got a ticket for public pissing, for a time other than when he was photographed.  So he did it more than once.

And, as if that wasn’t ewwww enough, when he visited Axis Nightclub, and was hitting on people, he pissed on them as well.  Against their will.

I’m amazed he didn’t get the, uh, piss knocked out of him, John Lovitz style…

I went over to IMDb to check out his page.  I’m not sure why he’s considered a celebrity.  He has a ton of credits, but never a big part.  Idk what happened, cos he used to be kind of cute… *shudders*

Oh, and the Columbus Dispatch has this:

[Easton’s Funny Bone Comedy Club managing partner said Dick] appeared to be intoxicated all weekend, made inappropriate comments on stage and took women into the men’s room, where he groped patrons and urinated on the floor and on at least one person. Columbus Police Officer John Fantin cited Dick for urinating on the sidewalk and Avenue One, a condominium building

Sources: Perez Hilton
Columbus (OH) Dispatch

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7 misdemeanors for LiLo-wtf?

Posted by gnn1 on Thursday, 23 August 2007

What absolute crap!  I am so pissed about this!  She was charged with  2 counts of driving under the influence, driving with blood-alcohol  levels above 0.08%, and being under the influence of cocaine, and 1 count of reckless driving.  I’m guessing the first 3 are 2 counts each, because that is the only way this comes out to 7.

I really hope that voters remember this DA come his re-election.  (Assuming that California runs like NY and DAs are elected).

Gotta love celebrity justice!

Source: StarPulse

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Celebrity justice to strike again?

Posted by gnn1 on Wednesday, 22 August 2007

An article in today’s evening edition of the Sydney Morning Herald sent me running to whilst cursing profusely.

Apparently, law enforcement sources have reported that there is a ‘strong possibility’ that LiLo will not be facing the three possible felony charges that could be filed.  It’s apparently almost certain that the DA will not file a charge for possession of cocaine from her arrest back in May.

The other two possible felony charges stem from her well publicised arrest 24 July.  They would be felony cocaine possession and bringing cocaine into a correctional facility.

There are still the misdemeanor DUI charges.  But they add up to a minimum of 4 days jail time (and a max of not much more, I’m sure).

TMZ also reports that LiLo’s mouthpiece lawyer has been talking a lot with prosecutors which indicates a possible plea bargain.

All I can say is, I hope that the DA isn’t an elected position in LA, or if it is, voters out there have short memories.

Source: TMZ

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I do believe they call that irony (and sick!)

Posted by gnn1 on Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Albert Insinnia, an actor who had played an NYPD lieutenant on Law and Order SVU has been charged with child porn.  I call it irony because SVU goes after sex offenders and deviants.

Police claim Insinnia has 180 images of child porn on the hard drive of his computer.  His lawyer claims that the images are not his and the hard drive

has been transferred various times in the last few years and a variety of people have had access to it.

A Best Buy employee servicing Insinnia’s computer found the images and informed a police detective who works in the store’s security department.

Source: NY Daily News

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She’s got a helluva driving record!

Posted by gnn1 on Sunday, 5 August 2007

photo source: NY Post

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LiLo NOT in rehab!

Posted by gnn1 on Sunday, 5 August 2007

Despite reports that Lindsay Lohan has gone back to rehab after her latest arrest (rumoured even to be at the famed Betty Ford Clinic), she apparently has just gone into hiding.

La Lohan flew first class to Kennedy Airport late Friday with her younger sister, Ali, a source said…

…After the bust, she was reported to have re-entered drug and alcohol treatment, but another source said that was not true and that she had been spotted Wednesday supping with 13-year-old Ali at Los Angeles eatery Koi.

Rehab might help her case in court, but then again, I don’t think much will.  After Paris and Nicole lenience is going to go by the wayside, I hope (though I am still fuming over Nicole’s sentence).

Source: NY Post

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LiLo too responsible to drive drunk?

Posted by gnn1 on Friday, 3 August 2007



When Lindsay Lohan said she needed balance in her life, she probably wasn’t talking about bookend DUI charges.

In an interview with Elle that took place about 36 hours before she was arrested for driving under the influence for the second time in two months, Lohan said that she would never drive drunk.

“I wouldn’t violate…I’m much more responsible than that,” the beleaguered actress says in the magazine’s September issue. “I would not do that.”

When the above chat took place, Lohan was only looking at misdemeanor DUI and hit-and-run charges stemming from her single-car smashup on May 26 that preceded her decision to check into the Promises treatment center in Malibu.

A day and a half later, on July 24, Lohan found herself on the wrong side of the law again when she was charged with driving under the influence, driving with a suspended license and felony possession of cocaine after she allegedly engaged her ex-assistant’s mom in an impromptu car chase in Santa Monica.

The 21-year-old child star turned tabloid fixture told Elle last month that the paparazzi who seemingly accompany her everywhere are just waiting for her to make a wrong move.

“It’s scary,” she said. “They’re looking for me to, like, trip, so they can be like, ‘Oh, Lindsay’s wasted and driving drunk.’ “

True enough, the shutterbugs have been on hand to capture more than enough of the Mean Girls star’s less than fine moments to keep the tabs in business—Lohan also addressed the panty-less pics of her that circulated on the Internet earlier this year, pre-commando Britney, taken as she was climbing out of a boat in Europe.

“It was once, and it was when I was in Venice,” Lohan explained. “And I was rushing through the room, threw the Prada dress on. And that’s what happened. And I didn’t even see the picture. I don’t look at that s–t, that’s gross. If I wear a dress I have underwear on.”

It was this sort of constant scrutiny that Lohan says made check into the Wonderland Center the first time back in January, she said, which she later referred to as a safe haven rather than as a medical necessity.

“I was growing up and going out a lot, and I needed to have a balance,” she said. “I was glad I went, because I needed to get away from everyone and I didn’t know how to do that. And I learned a lot there. A bunch of my friends—I was with them last night—they’re in AA for, like, years.”

Prior to her stay at Wonderland, Lohan’s mom, Dina, told E! News’ Ryan Seacrest that her daughter had been attending Alcoholics Anonymous for about a year. The younger Lohan later denied being any type of addict, however.

Coming full circle, Lohan’s interview took place over lunch at the Ivy, which, along with the starlet, is the target of a negligence lawsuit brought by a man who Lohan got into a car accident with in October 2005 after dining at the West Hollywood hot spot.

Plaintiff Raymundo Ortega is claiming that Lohan was drunk when her Mercedes smashed into his van, and that the Ivy was where she got the booze.

Lohan’s attorney, Alfred W. Gerisch, moved two weeks ago to have the suit dismissed, calling it “nothing more than an attempt to extort money from a celebrity by setting forth false and scurrilous allegations in a complaint.”

He cited the police’s accident report, which states that alcohol was not a factor in the crash and that Ortega was at fault because he made an illegal U-turn. Lohan, heading north on Robertson Boulevard, smacked into Ortega, who in turn hit a parked van.

Gerisch has also filed motions seeking to strike the DUI accusation in the complaint, calling it untrue and unsupported by the official accident report, and to have the judge currently presiding over the case step down, because his client, in light of her recent troubles, won’t be able to get a fair hearing.

Ortega’s lawyer fired back Thursday, stating in court documents filed in Los Angeles Superior Court that the police report is hearsay, because its author never saw how fast Lohan was driving and didn’t know whether she was drinking beforehand.

Attorney Robert Klein maintained in his filing that “there is some evidence she was served alcohol shortly before the accident” and that he has witnesses who will say they saw Lohan driving at least 62 miles per hour.

“The fact that Ms. Lohan was admitted to rehab for alcohol abuse shortly after this accident raises a presumption that at the time of this accident she was under the influence,” read the court documents.

Ortega, an L.A.-based busboy who earns about $300 a week, is “an honest, hardworking, decent man with a wife and children to support,” Klein states. “Instead of seeing if Mr. Ortega needed medical assistance, Lindsay Lohan fled the scene and took refuge in a retail store.”

Lohan’s publicist said at the time that her client was going about 30 mph while attempting to flee the ever-present paparazzi, although police determined that, like alcohol, persistent flashbulbs didn’t cause the crash, either

The lawsuit, however, takes into account Lohan’s frequent run-ins with the media, stating that she has become so “hypersensitive to paparazzi” that she “engaged in a habit, custom and practice of reckless driving” and was looking over her shoulder when she rammed into Ortega’s vehicle.

Ortega is seeking at least $200,000 in damages. A hearing is scheduled for Sept. 14.



Uh huh… drunk or not, she sure has had a lot of accidents and doesn’t seem to drive too responsibly…

Source: E! TV




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Nicole favours county jail

Posted by gnn1 on Friday, 3 August 2007

A pregnant Nicole Richie wants to serve her time for driving under the influence of drugs in the Los Angeles County jail, authorities said today.Richie’s lawyer contacted the county Sheriff’s Department earlier this week and indicated the reality TV star wanted to serve her four-day sentence in county lockup rather than a city jail, sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said.Whitmore said he had no additional details, including when Richie might surrender to begin the sentence. She must complete it by September 28.

At the county jail, inmates often service only a fraction of their sentence for a variety of reasons, including overcrowding and good behaviour.

A call to Richie’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, was not immediately returned.

The county has a special women’s-only facility in Lynwood. It is the same place where Richie’s friend Paris Hilton recently completed a 23-day stay for violating probation in an alcohol-related reckless driving case.

Richie, 25, was arrested in December for driving the wrong way on a freeway in Burbank.

The daughter of Lionel Richie, who confirmed earlier this week that she is nearly four months pregnant, pleaded guilty last Friday to a misdemeanour charge in a deal with prosecutors that helped her avoid a potential year in jail on her second DUI conviction (she had an alcohol-related conviction in 2003).

Richie was ordered to spend 90 hours, either in county jail or at any city jail in the county that would accept her.

She would have had to serve the full sentence in a city lockup, while the county allows time off for good behaviour.

In addition, many city lockups are small facilities that cannot provide the necessary medical care for pregnant inmates.

So, is it because of the medical care for pregnant inmates or for the chance for time off for good behaviour? (In either case, she’s only serving FOUR FREAKING DAYS!!! Give me a break!!) Or does she just idolise Paris, and simply must serve her time where her bff did?

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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‘Nicole made mistakes’: Lionel

Posted by gnn1 on Friday, 3 August 2007

Lionel Richie: Nicole made mistakes08/03/2007 2:56 PM, AP
Lionel Richie says his 25-year-old daughter, Nicole, has “made some mistakes in her life,” but that he raised her to take responsibility for her behavior. “She has not blamed others for her problems and is growing up very quickly, albeit in the heat of the media spotlight,” the 58-year-old R&B singer told

“My father taught me to stand straight and take whatever punishment or hardships were the result of my own actions, and I am proud that I was able to hand that philosophy down to my daughter,” he said.

Nicole Richie was sentenced last week to four days in jail and ordered to undergo drug and alcohol treatment. She pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence of drugs.

She was arrested Dec. 11 for driving her sport utility vehicle the wrong way on a freeway in Burbank.

Sheriff’s officials said the reality-TV star will serve her sentence at the same county jail in Lynwood that housed her “The Simple Life” co-star, Paris Hilton.

Richie has until Sept. 28 to serve her sentence.

On Tuesday, Richie told ABC News that she is four months pregnant with her first child. Her boyfriend, Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden, is the father.

“Her pregnancy has given her a new perspective on life in general,” Lionel Richie said, adding, “In spite of what has happened, I continue to love her and cherish our relationship.”

No shit, really? I thought she was taking 4 days in jail for fun! He may have raised her to take responsibility for her mistakes (still debatable), but he didn’t raise her to drive responsibly or to ‘just say no’ apparently.

Source: Yahoo Entertainment News

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