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Archive for the ‘TV’ Category

Hollywood strike, Part II

Posted by gnn1 on Saturday, 22 November 2008

In a move that likely shocks few, the Screen Actors Guild has said today (Saturday) that it will ask its members to authorise a strike after talks with the AMPTP failed (surprise, surprise) despite federal mediation attempts.

Talks ended shortly before 1 am (no time zone desgination given) and no new talks are scheduled.

Talks started to fail after studios “sought the right to create productions for new media, such as the Internet, using nonunion actors and without paying residuals, said Doug Allen, SAG national executive director and chief negotiator.”

Residuals, payment made to actors every time a production airs (such as TV reruns or a feature film running on HBO) are the life bread for most actors, making up more than half their income, according to Allen.  Despite popular thought, the majority of actors earn nominal pay, and rely on those recurring payments to see them through lean times.

Not surprisingly, the AMPTP is criticising SAG’s call-to-strike.  “‘Now, SAG is bizarrely asking its members to bail out the failed negotiating strategy with a strike vote — at a time of historic economic crisis,’ a producers’ statement said. ‘The tone-deafness of SAG is stunning.'”  They claim that it is untenable that actors should seek a better deal than writers, directors, and others accepted, especially with the worsening economy.

I might counter that the tone-deafness of the producers at LEAST matches that of SAG, seeing as they were unwilling to yield to writers and now to actors. And perhaps if the actors now secure a better deal than writers and directors were able, when it comes time for those two to once again re-negotiate, they’ll finally get what they ought to’ve last time around.  Once again, this isn’t about greed (the producers have that nailed, honestly), it’s about fairness.

And, as I once supported the writers, so shall I now support actors should they have to throw down the gauntlet.  Hopefully the AMPTP will finally come to the realisation that they cannot keep lording over the people who make the films that support them.

SAG represents more than 120,000 actors in TV, film, and other media (including commercia advertisements).

Source: News


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LiLo, Paris, and Britney–coming (together!) to a TV near you?

Posted by gnn1 on Friday, 31 October 2008

Oh God I hope this isn’t true.  PLEASE god let it be false.  The TV show that no one would’ve dared dream up has apparently BEEN dreamt up…

Scandalist is posting that the three trainwrecks may appear together in (of all things) a sitcom.

Um, couldnt they just put the three of them toghether (Real World or Big Brother style) and get the same laughs?

Then again… maybe not.

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More potential casualties of the strike: the awards shows

Posted by gnn1 on Sunday, 18 November 2007

A prolonged strike could affect awards shows including the Golden Globes, Emmys, Grammys, SAG Awards, and possibly the Oscars.   December is nominations month for all except the Oscars, which are announced in January.

Writing for the shows starts after the nominations–sometimes the very next day–and doesn’t end until the show is off the air.

“You’re responding to what happens during the course of the show, so there’s writing going on all evening long,” he said, adding that nearly every part of the program is the work of the writers — “anything basically except an acceptance speech.” —  Bruce Vilanch, writer, Academy Awards

Neal Sacharow, a WGA spokesman, indicates that the WGA is unsure how the shows will be affected but confirms that many of them are “written under WGA contracts.”

CNN Showbiz

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David Letterman–Pretty cool

Posted by gnn1 on Thursday, 15 November 2007

DAVID LETTERMAN will pay staffers through the year’s end out of his own pocket.

A spokesperson for Dave’s Worldwide Pants Inc., which produces both shows, tells ET: “Next week’s tapings of ‘The Late Show’ and the ‘Late Late Show’ have been canceled and we will continue to make a week-by-week determination about future tapings. However, it is important to Dave that our staff members have some degree of support during this uncertain time. Therefore, Worldwide Pants, which independently produces both shows, will continue to pay the non-writing staff of the shows — fully compensating lower-salaried employees, and providing a substantial portion of salaries for those at the higher end — at least through the end of the year. Of course, we all want to get back to work as soon as possible, and it remains our hope that both sides in this dispute will make progress toward that end. In the meantime, we will continue monitoring this situation closely as we make decisions regarding our future production schedule.”

He is the first to guarantee employees a paycheck during the writers strike.

Entertainment Tonight

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Are you a Smallville fan?

Posted by gnn1 on Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Got this in my email from a CW update.

Why just tell all your friends about Smallville when you can share your thoughts with the world? Smallville and Sprint are offering one fan a month the opportunity to be featured in an online video series as part of the Smallville Vlogger promotion.

To try out, just upload a video blog audition of you talking about any Smallville episode of your choice, including this week’s Blue, where Clark is stripped of his powers (Thursday 8/7c). If you win over the judges with your wit and charm, you’ll be selected as the Vlogger of the month. Good luck!


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Thoughts on the response to the WGA strike

Posted by gnn1 on Friday, 9 November 2007

Because of the magnitude and importance of this strike to the entertainment industry, a large portion of my blogging will be about the strike.
A lot of people seem to be under the impression that all the striking writers, showrunners, etc are rich or greedy.  The sad fact is that most of them are not.  They rely on residuals (the ones they are fighting to increase) to get them through the times between films, when their TV show is canceled, or they have to leave work due to serious illness or pregnancy.

This strike affects me in future-interests, as I am a (currently non-union) writer (I do write more than this blog and my PA blog).  I appreciate that there are people willing to stand up for what they deserve.

It’s not solely about needs.  It’s about fairness and getting what is deserved.

The 3 or 4 cents per DVD is based on an agreement that is 22 years old (1985).  I mean, it’s not like the cost of fuel, food, clothes, or anything else has increased in 22 years!

That agreement undercut the writers back THEN.  They agreed to less than they wanted because the HomeVid business was struggling.  At this time it’s flourishing.

They made a concession 22 years ago like they are willing to make now!  And are still being called greedy.

Instead of calling the writers greedy, take a look at the producers who aren’t willing to make concessions of  an extra buck-thirty on an online (download) sale.

One further thought.  Both directors and actors start negotiations soon.  Traditionally whatever contract is accepted first is accepted by the other 2.  So the writers are also, by proxy, working for a better deal for the DGA and SAG, who contractually cannot strike.

I will miss my TV shows that are to be affected.  But as a writer I will stand behind the WGA in this effort.

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Late Night Relief-TV shows to catch during the strike

Posted by gnn1 on Friday, 9 November 2007

(AP) A week after Halloween, Jon Stewart is discussing what he calls the “Double Walk of Shame.” “It’s embarrassing enough to see someone walking home at 8 a.m. from a one-night stand, but to see someone make that same journey dressed as a wrinkled zebra?”

Stewart first cracked this joke last week on “The Daily Show.” Just after 11 p.m. on Wednesday, he’s telling it again. This does not bode well for night owls.

The Comedy Central rerun is an instant effect of the writers strike that left every major late-night show without its snarky scribes. If history is any indication, this walk-off could last a loooong time: Hollywood writers previously went on strike, in 1988, for 22 weeks.

How will late-night TV watchers make it through a potentially months-long spell without fresh offerings from Stewart, David Letterman, Jay Leno – and, if they stay up REALLY late, Conan O’Brien?

There’s hope yet: A little late-night channel-surfing (away from the networks) turned up a few post-local news shows that offer more humor – intentional or not – than one might think.

ABC’s “Nightline”: The trusty program, which goes up against Leno and Letterman, is likely thanking its lucky stars for the strike, which could generate viewers for its hard-hitting news segments. Or it’s not-so-serious stories (Exhibit A: Wednesday’s Ryan Seacrest profile).

“I get lonely, but there are four of me. And so I spend time with the rest of mes and we talk about our day,” Seacrest, who has about 35 jobs, says of his nonstop work schedule. The “American Idol” host adds, for the record, that he’s not gay.

CNBC’s “Mad Money”: Motormouth host Jim Cramer brings a welcome dose of ADD to the business channel, dispensing financial advice and stock tips with the combustible passion of Al Pacino in “Any Given Sunday.”

The one-time hedge fund manager, however, is momentarily distracted when a call-in viewer goes off the subject to observe what she loves most about him: he rolls up his sleeves and shrugs his shoulders when talking to a “pretty girl” on the phone. “I didn’t call you to flirt. I have a stock tip,” she said, prompting laughter from unseen people in the studio.

Anything on MTV: The music-channel-that’s-not-really-a-music-channel is always there when people need it – especially late at night. Its constantly rotating stable of addictive reality shows offer substance-free entertainment when thinking requires too much effort. On this night, viewers are treated to back-to-back episodes of “Run’s House,” “The Real World” and “The Hills.”

“Run’s House,” a rip-off of “The Osbournes” starring the family of rapper Joseph “Reverend Run” Simmons, is delightfully banal. The latest drama? Run lets his daughter get a tattoo, but does so begrudgingly: “My heart is beating so fast. This is CRAZY. … You want to write on your skin so everyone can see?”

Travel Channel’s “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern”: This guy will eat just about anything, which makes for irresistible viewing. Zimmern finds the holy grail of culinary curiosities in the Philippines, where he takes a deep breath and slurps down a sauteed giant worm that might as well be served on “Fear Factor.”

“I don’t know what those things ate, but they didn’t digest it very well,” Zimmern says, grimacing. “Better eaten raw,” his dinner companion responds.

The Sci-Fi Channel’s “Ghost Hunters”: Real-life ghostbusters investigate homes that people believe are haunted. In one particularly spooky episode, Linda Johnson of Albany, N.Y., summons members of The Atlantic Paranormal Society to rid her home of “a bad ghost” that once grabbed her by the throat.

“We’re being watched. … I can feel it,” she says. (Wonder what Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd would say to that.)

“Hannah Montana”: Don’t judge. This Disney Channel sitcom, a favorite among tweens and maybe a few (ahem) adults, stars Miley Cyrus as a bubbly teen who secretly moonlights as the singing sensation Hannah Montana. Wednesday’s 11:30 p.m. repeat ends with Miley/Hannah’s friend Lilly dumping shrimp cocktail sauce over the head of a two-timing boyfriend.

Want more grown-up girl power? Click over to TBS, where sanitized reruns of “Sex and the City” appear several times a week. And late at night.


I can totally vouch for Ghost Hunters. The episode described, the woman was soo stupid, but it’s a great show, and they debunk more hauntings than they accept, so sceptics will enjoy it too!

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Bad news: TV Shows Shutting Down as Strike Continues

Posted by gnn1 on Wednesday, 7 November 2007


Sitcom and drama sets are going dark – and in many cases, much quicker than the nets and studios had anticipated.

Laffer “The New Adventures of Old Christine” could conceivably produce a seg this week – but exec producer Kari Lizer shut the show down, as star Julia Louis-Dreyfus hit the picket lines in support of the scribes. Fox’s “Back to You” was set to return from hiatus on Wednesday, but that table read was scrapped, and it now appears the show won’t return until the writers do.

Also already dark: Fox’s “Til Death” and CBS’ “Rules of Engagement.” And it doesn’t appear like much is getting done over on NBC’s “The Office” either.

Even shows still in production will likely go dark in the next week or two, as those remaining scripts are shot, with nothing left in the pipeline.

Meanwhile, latenight TV remained dark Tuesday as word leaked out that “Late Show with David Letterman” had told its support staff that it would keep cutting paychecks for two more weeks. It’s unclear if the checks will keep coming after that, or if Letterman will decide to return to work. It’s believed other latenight shows have given staff members similar notices.

The big issue dogging the nets on the primetime side is the high volume of exec producers refusing to cross the picketlines even to perform non-writing chores on scripts that have already been completed. That’s forcing shows to shutdown sooner than the webs expected, even under the strike scenario.

In the past two days, Shonda Rhimes (“Grey’s Anatomy,” “Private Practice”) and Shawn Ryan (“The Shield,” “The Unit”) have come out publicly with statements declaring they won’t help wrap up episodes in the works. It’s a change from the pre-strike conventional wisdom that such showrunners would stay on the job.

“I absolutely believed that I would edit our episodes,” Rhimes wrote in an e-mail widely circulated late Monday night. “Until a thought hit me: how can I walk a picket line and then continue to essentially work? How am I supposed to look at myself in the mirror or look at my child years from now and know that I did not have the courage of my convictions to stand up and put myself more at risk than anyone else?”

To be sure, many showrunners are still clearly offering help to their shows. Even if they’re not crossing picket lines, the fact that so many skeins remain in production indicates showrunners are working from home.

Still, the greater-than-expected showrunner solidarity is the result of a concerted effort by the WGA to shore up support among its most high-profile members. Nearly 100 showrunners attended a pre-strike powwow Saturday. And on Wednesday, plans are underway for a picketing session featuring only showrunners.

From Wild Sound (second article on page)

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A good list of what’s affected (on TV) by the strike

Posted by gnn1 on Monday, 5 November 2007

Copied from ShowBuzz

The Writers Guild of America contract expired Halloween night, and the thought of a strike by its 12,000 members has spooked a lot of television viewers. Writers, who announced Nov. 2 they were set to strike Nov. 5, are seeking more money from the sale of DVDs and the distribution of shows via the Internet, cell phones and other outlets. Producers are resisting, arguing profits from DVDs just offset the increased cost of production.

If the writers walk, how will this affect viewers? It depends on the kind of show.

Talk Shows

If there is a strike, talk shows will be especially affected. The absence of monologues and skits will probably force such shows as “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and “The Colbert Report”on the Comedy Central channel, “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” on NBC, and “The Late Show with David Letterman” on CBS to run repeats.
(Photo: AP)

Soap Operas

Soap operas will start disappearing two to three weeks after a strike, since that is how much in advance they work, and because they rarely run repeats; advertisers don’t like soap reruns.
(Photo: CBS)

Television Series

Scripted television series will run out of new episodes in about six weeks, since that is how long in advance of broadcast they are put together. After that, the networks will probably run repeats, or replace these series with reality shows or news programs. Rumor has it that in place of new episodes of “The Office,” NBC might run old episodes from the British version of the series.
(Photo: AP Photo/NBC, Justin Lubin)

Reality Shows

Reality shows such as “Survivor” will not be affected by the strike — and indeed may replace some of the scripted series.
(Photo: CBS)

“American Idol” has finished the season, but if there is a strike, will there be a season eight? The answer is yes. The Fox Network, with its heavy proportion of unscripted shows is reportedly the least vulnerable to feeling the effects of a writers’ strike.
(Photo: AP)


News and “magazine” shows such as “60 Minutes” and “Primetime Live” will not be affected by a strike by the members of the Writers Guild of America.
(Photo: CBS)

Game Shows

Drew Carey is the new host of the old game show “The Price is Right,” and also of a new game show “The Power of 10.” Since game shows are largely unscripted, they will not be much affected by a writers’ strike.
(Photo: AP)

Animated Series

The Simpsons will continue for fellow couch potatoes. Since animated series take a long time to produce, the scripts for “The Simpsons” are ready as much as a year in advance. Even if the writers strike for a year, Homer will not disappear. The longest-running animated TV series began a year after the last Hollywood writers’ strike, in 1988, which lasted for 22 weeks. Viewers were treated to repeats and a delayed season; ten percent of them stopped watching television for good.
(Photo: AP)

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If the strike hits, Late Night TV is the first to go

Posted by gnn1 on Saturday, 3 November 2007

So, the union members of Writers’ Guild of America are preparing to strike.  To the point that they were told to take home personal belongings from their offices.  If the strike hits, and odds are about good as seeing Britney Spears on Perez Hilton on any given day (pretty fuckin high in other words), late night shows like Leno will be the first to be impacted.

Because they rely on current events for the bulk of the day’s night’s storyline, they haven’t been able to stockpile scripts like TV shows and film studios have.  As a matter of fact it’s already been determined that if the strike starts at 1201 am PST Monday as planned, Leno will immediately revert to re-runs.

Next to feel the impact will be daily shows like soap operas and shows like The View, who only stockpile about a week’s worth of episodes.

Movies will largely be unaffected unless the strike drags for a VERRRRRRRRYY long time as studios have a large number of scripts stockpiled, not to mention films in progress.

Regular TV shows may or may not be affected.  It depends on the duration of the strike.  The last strike ushered in the age of Reality TV because they don’t typically require writers.  Currently, it’s estimated that most shows have enough scripts in progress or stockpiled to last until early next year (which, frighteningly, is only about 8 weeks away, although the reports didn’t say how far IN to next year).

The last strike lasted 22 weeks (2 weeks shy of a typical full TV season, just for comparison).

This strike is related to (primarily) DVD and internet sales residuals for writers.  The current arrangement was decided 22 years ago, in 1985.  Writers agreed to undercut themselves then, because home entertainment (then VHS or the very short-lived Beta-Max) was struggling in its early years.

Now they get the same amount $0.04 (that’s 4 cents) per disc sold as they did in 1985 (which I am assuming was per tape then).  They also want to increase their share in download licensing fees from 1.2% to 2.5% (just over a 100% increase).

Given how little writers make compared to the stars and bigwigs behind films and TV shows (even the crappy ones that no one see), it seems to be a pretty fair demand.  Now, I’m NOT a member, I DON’T know all the details or demands, and I don’t know the producers’ stories.  But regardless, it appears that either or both sides have forgotten that negotiation means compromise.  Is 4 cents or another $1.30 (based on average online movie pricing to be just under $10) or less REALLY too much to give up to the people who keep you producers in work???  Let’s not forget that no writers=no scripts=no new work.

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Shar Shady Baby!

Posted by gnn1 on Saturday, 8 September 2007

When Shar Jackson said she was doing ‘My Name Is’ by Eminem, I groaned.  #1, I’m not a big Eminem fan (though I love Mockingbird) and #2, I saw her choking.  Not only did she not choke, man, she was DOPE!

Sebastian Bach performed a remix of Tupac’s California Love.  He rocked the song, but he wasn’t as good as last week.  There wasn’t enough of a beat to make it rap, which unfortunately is what the contestants need to do.

Perez Hilton did Jesus Walks by Kanye.  Now, My man Perez was still great, but not as good as last week.  Or maybe, he was only as good as last week.  Performances should be kicked up a bit, and this wasn’t although I definitely enjoyed it!

Countess Vaughn nailed Mims’ That’s Why I’m Hot!  She owned the song, she owned the STAGE!  If they have judges pick ‘safes’ again, she’ll be safe for sure.

Kendra Wilkinson did Me Myself and I by De la Soul.  She’s got the moves, but I’m sorry (well, no, not really sorry), girl just can’t rap!

Jason Wahler…he can only be in because he looks like Colin Farrell.  For real.  When people say white men can’t rap and white men can’t dance, they got him in mind.  He did Goin Back to Cali, by LL Cool J.  He actually remembered the words, but his ‘moves’ if you can call them that, are a joke.

And finally Efren…he performed Cyprus Hill’s Insane in the Membrane.  I used to like this song.  Now it’s going to be like She Bangs after William Hung murdered it.  All I can say is, if you vote for Efren, you’re insane!

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WTF were you thinking people?!

Posted by gnn1 on Saturday, 8 September 2007

WHY was Jamal sent home and Jason Wahler and Efren Ramirez allowed to stay?  What the FUCK?

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iTunes no longer to carry NBC

Posted by gnn1 on Saturday, 1 September 2007

If you use iTunes to legally download NBC series shows you miss, you will be out of luck starting with this new season. iTunes has decided not to carry any of NBC’s fall shows.

NBC had barred them from selling any shows after the end of the year. iTunes opted not to carry new shows, rather than cut out mid-season.

The reason for the split, according to Apple’s VP of iTunes, Eddy Cue, is that iTunes wouldn’t agree to a price increase that NBC wanted.

NBC is currently the 4th place network.

Source: NY Daily News

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Sebastian said Knock You Out!!!

Posted by gnn1 on Friday, 31 August 2007

Awww dayum! If you didn’t catch Celebrity Rap Superstar you missed a kickass rockin performance by Sebastian Bach! Rock and roll became rock and rap tonight baby! Each celebrity is paired up with a pro rapper, and given a song to perform, NOT of their choice. They work with their mentor and prepare for a live performance in front of 3 judges (DMC of Run DMC, da Brat, and someone from hip hop radio whose name escapes me right now-I’ll update later when I catch a repeat Big Boy, from Power 106 in LA) and a studio audience.

Now, it’s clear when they selected the celebs that talent was not a factor. Because some of these people really fuckin sucked. Colin Farrell look-alike Jason Wahler and Efren Ramirez (Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite) were absolute worst, and I expect one of them will be singin Hit the Road Jack next week. (Or, no votes for Pedro this time, and Jason is headed for the Hills…).

My man Perez kicked ass and owned it baby! Shar Jackson proved that at least SHE can rap (she’s Kevin Federline’s other baby momma), so there is some hope for those kids. Countess Vaughan performed what has got to be the gayest song I have EVER heard in my life (Lipgloss by L’il Momma), but kicked ass! There was a Playboy bunny, whose name once again escapes me Kendra Wilkinson. Totally gorgeous, got kickass moves, but can NOT rap. Jamal Anderson from the Atlanta Falcons did so-so. Forgot lyrics so he freestyled, not too badly, but he really wasn’t impressive. The absolute best was Sebastian Bach though! If he keeps on the way he did tonight, he will come out the winner. (Total off-topic side note, his brother, Zack, played goal-keeper for my local pro hockey team, so Bach-not his real last name-was here a couple times-pretty cool!).

There are plenty of reruns on MTV, you should totally check it out. Even if you don’t care for rap or hip hop (I don’t), it’s worth it.

PS: How many times you think Kevin will say I heard that next week?

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Watch Perez Hilton on tv!

Posted by gnn1 on Tuesday, 28 August 2007

I’m am totally doing this of my own free will, and am actually NOT in any way affiliated with Perez.

But I simply love them man.  He is entertaining, intelligent, and appears to be a genuinely decent person (not to mention simply genuine).  He is my frequent source (and generally a good one).

Anyways, he’s got his own show on VH1 called ‘What Perez Sez,’ which will debut at 9 pm on 11 Sept.

He’s ALSO doing an MTV show, Celebrity Rap Superstar (also referred to as Rappin With the Stars), which debuts Thursday (30 Aug) at 10 pm!

He’ll be getting some of my Perezious tv time, though now I get to play Juggle-the-DVR schedule *sighs*

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Fall TV première dates

Posted by gnn1 on Saturday, 25 August 2007

Here is a list of season and series première dates, as listed on StarPulse.

Sunday, Sept. 9
9 pm Tell Me You Love Me (series premiere) (HBO)
10 pm Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)

Tuesday, Sept. 11
8 pm The Biggest Loser (NBC)

Thursday, Sept. 13
10 pm It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (FX)

Friday, Sept. 14
9 pm Nashville (series premiere) (FOX)

Monday, Sept. 17
8 pm Prison Break (FOX)
9 pm K-Ville (series premiere) (FOX)

Tuesday, Sept. 18
8 pm Beauty & The Geek (CW)
Wednesday, Sept. 19
8 pm America’s Next Top Model (CW)
8 pm Kid Nation (series premiere) (CBS)
8 pm Back to You (series premiere) (FOX)
8:30 pm ‘Til Death (FOX)
9 pm Bones (FOX)
9 pm Gossip Girl (series premiere) (CW)
9 pm Kitchen Nightmares (series premiere) (FOX)

Thursday, Sept. 20
8 pm Survivor: China (CBS)

Sunday, Sept. 23
8 pm The Simpsons (FOX)
8:30 pm King of the Hill (FOX)
9 pm Family Guy (FOX)
9 pm Cold Case (CBS)
10 pm Shark (CBS)

Monday, Sept. 24
8 pm Dancing With The Stars premiere (ABC)
8 pm Chuck (series premiere) (NBC)
8 pm How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
8:30 The Big Bang Theory (series premiere) (CBS)
9 pm Two & A Half Men (CBS)
9 pm Heroes (NBC)
9:30 pm Rules of Engagement (CBS)
9:30 The Bachelor (ABC)
10 pm CSI: Miami (CBS)
10 pm Journeyman (NBC)

Tuesday, Sept. 25
8 pm Dancing With The Stars performance show (ABC)
8 pm NCIS (CBS)
9 pm The Unit (CBS)
8 pm Bones (FOX)
9 pm House (FOX)
9 pm Reaper (CW)
10 pm Law & Order SVU (NBC)
10 pm Cane (series premiere) (CBS)
10 pm Boston Legal (ABC)

Wednesday, Sept. 26
8 pm Dancing With The Stars results (ABC)
9 pm Private Practice (ABC)
9 pm Criminal Minds (CBS)
9 pm Bionic Woman (series premiere) (NBC)
10 pm Life (series premiere) (NBC)
10 pm CSI: New York (CBS)
10 pm Dirty Sexy Money (series premiere) (ABC)

Thursday, Sept. 27
8 pm Ugly Betty (ABC)
8 pm My Name Is Earl (NBC)
8 pm Smallville (CW)
9 pm Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)
9 pm The Office (NBC)
9 pm CSI (CBS)
10 pm Without a Trace (CBS)
10 pm ER (NBC)
10 pm Big Shots (series premiere) (ABC)

Friday, Sept. 28
8 pm Ghost Whisperer (CBS)
9 pm Moonlight (series premiere) (CBS)
9 pm Las Vegas (NBC)
10 pm Numb3rs (CBS)

Sunday, Sept. 30
7 pm Extreme Makeover Home Edition (ABC)
9 pm Desperate Housewives (ABC)
9 pm Dexter (HBO)
9:30 pm American Dad (FOX)
10 pm Brotherhood (Showtime)
10 pm Brothers & Sisters (ABC)

Monday, Oct. 1
8 pm Everybody Hates Chris (CW)
8:30 Aliens in America (series premiere) (CW)
9 pm Girlfriends (CW)
9:30 The Game (CW)

Tuesday, Oct. 2
8 pm Cavemen (series premiere) (ABC)
8:30 pm Carpoolers (series premiere) (ABC)
9 pm Dancing With The Stars results show regular period (ABC)

Wednesday, Oct. 3
8 pm Pushing Daisies (ABC)

Thursday, Oct. 4
8 pm 30 Rock (NBC)
9 pm Supernatural (CW)

Friday, Oct. 5
9 pm Friday Night Lights (NBC)

Sunday, Oct. 7
8 pm Life Is Wild (series premiere) (CW)

Friday, Oct. 12
9 pm Women’s Murder Club (series premiere) (ABC)
10 pm Men In Trees (ABC)

Monday, Oct. 15
9:30 pm Samantha Who? (series premiere) (ABC)

Thursday, Oct. 18
10 pm Viva Laughlin (special preview) (CBS)

Thursday, Oct. 25
9:30 pm Scrubs (NBC)

Sunday, Oct. 21
8 pm Viva Laughlin (series premiere) (CBS)

Tuesday, Nov. 27
10 pm Cashmere Mafia (special preview) (ABC)

Tuesday, Dec. 4
10 pm Cashmere Mafia (series premiere) (ABC)

Source: StarPulse

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Oh the conservatives are gonna have a field day with this new show!!!

Posted by gnn1 on Saturday, 25 August 2007 indicates that FX (network home to Rescue Me, Damages, and Nip/Tuck) is readying a show called 4 oz. (ounces).  FX and 20th Century Fox have picked up the pilot and three episodes.

The show is about a gynaecologist who realises he is a transsexual.  The man is married with two sons when he realises this.

FX hopes to carry the show through four seasons Variety reports:

The first season would deal with the revelation of the doc’s decision; the second would revolve around him transitioning to female; the third would revolve around the surgery, and the fourth would consist of his new life as a woman and his attempt to find love.

Brad Pitt will have his name on the series as co-producer which may help ratings.  But nothing is going to save the show from the wrath of the conservatives and religious right.  (Oh I can’t wait to see Bill O’Reilly pop a vein over this one!).

By the way, I totally plan to watch at least the pilot!

Source: Variety

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Check out K-Ville BEFORE the 17 Sept première

Posted by gnn1 on Saturday, 25 August 2007

It’s one of the most highly talked about shows of the season.  I know I’m planning to tune in for at least the pilot.

K-Ville is set in post-Katrina New Orleans.  It’s a cop drama and Mee Vee’s review (linked below) indicates there may be some unrealistic elements in terms of

“over the top car chases and shootouts”

But until 31 August, Fox is giving you the chance to decide for yourself.  You can view the pilot episode in its entirety here

Fox Official K-Ville site

Source: Mee Vee

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At least they aren’t remaking it…

Posted by gnn1 on Saturday, 25 August 2007

CBS has remastered 40 classic Star Trek episodes and will be releasing them for syndication starting 15 Sept. Episodes will air on Saturday or Sunday (depending on your local station) weekly.

Here is a complete episode guide:

09.15.07 The Galileo Seven
09.22.07 The Conscience of the King
09.29.07 The Man Trap

10.06.07 What Are Little Girls Made Of?
10.13.07 Dagger of the Mind
10.20.07 The Gamesters of Triskelion
10.27.07 Catspaw

11.03.07 Metamorphosis
11.10.07 The Deadly Years
11.17.07 The Doomsday Machine
11.24.07 Space Seed
12.01.07 The Alternative Factor
12.08.07 The Return of the Archons
12.15.07 A Taste of Armageddon
12.22.07 Tomorrow is Yesterday
12.29.07 The Immunity Syndrome
01.05.08 Day of the Dove
01.12.08 Who Mourns for Adonais?
01.19.08 Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
01.26.08 The Enemy Within
02.02.08 The Changeling
02.09.08 The Ultimate Computer
02.16.08 The Trouble With Tribbles
02.23.08 Operation: Annihilate!
03.01.08 The Apple
03.08.08 By Any Other Name
03.15.08 That Which Survives
03.22.08 Is There In Truth No Beauty?
03.29.08 Elaan of Troyius
04.05.08 The Enterprise Incident
04.12.08 Obsession
04.19.08 Mudd’s Women
04.26.08 The Cage
05.03.07 Assignment: Earth
05.10.08 Court Martial
05.17.08 A Private Little War
05.24.08 Whom Gods Destroy
05.31.08 The Mark of Gideon

06.07.08 The Lights of Zetar
06.14.08 The Way to Eden
06.21.08 Requiem for Methusaleh
06.28.08 The Savage Curtain
07.05.08 The Omega Glory
07.12.08 The Cloud Minders
07.19.08 Spectre of the Gun
07.26.08 The Empath
08.02.08 Turnabout Intruder

Note: Some episodes in the schedule are repeats of previously remastered episodes.

Glitterati Gossip
Mee Vee

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Oh gag…another TV resurrection

Posted by gnn1 on Friday, 24 August 2007

American Gladiators is making a return.  Why?  Some shows should just be left alone.

Starpulse is reporting that NBC will bring it back as a mid-season primetime series.  It will include the latest technology, special effects, and water skills.

Celebrating the everyday, true American heroes — weekend warriors who excel and take pride in their physical fitness — contestants will go up against the show’s gladiators — charismatic and eclectic warriors — in the ultimate David & Goliath battle. As in MGM’s traditional “American Gladiators” franchise, everyday amateur athletes compete against action stars and stunt professionals in contests of physical strength and endurance. The series will include such classic events as The Joust, The Wall, Hang Tough and the Eliminator.

I sincerely doubt I’ll be tuning in.  Eight shows a week (which is how many I watch) is too many as is…

Source: Starpulse

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